BlackBerry Unlock (code unlock)

Unlock BlackBerry with usb cable and software is free. But some new model like 9700 or 9630 … cant be unlocked by software. And with someone not have PC skill (software or hardware), unlock with pc and USB cable maybe kill their BlackBerry and make it become a paper holder.

The easiest way to unlock your BlackBerry is buy the Unlock code.

see How to unlock BlackBerry with code.

Buy BlackBerry unlock code

7$ for all gsm model

After Purchase send me your info:

First download this tool:
blackberry_mep_reader- on
blackberry_mep_reader- on
blackberry_mep_reader- on

blackberry mep reader – on Google Docs

blackberry_mep_reader on dropbox

if mep reader not work try this

FBL – on

FBL – on

FBL – on

FBL – on Google Docs

FBL on dropbox

Run the blackberry_mep_reader.exe Then connect your BB to PC

Click to Read Blackberry Handset Info

If you can’t run MEP reader on your computer

Please contact me via Gtalk or skype anworm


Send IMEI and MEP info to me.

Please use email that you pay via PayPal to send info to me. (other enail will be refused)

I will send code to you after 24 hours when i check my PayPal Balance.


Email Subject: Blackberry Unlock Code

Your Name:

Your BlackBerry Model: 9630

Your BlackBerry IMEI: 355256023xxxxxx

Your BlackBerry MEP code: MEP-092xx-00y

Please send MEP code  with this format MEP-xxxxx-yyy (not PIN code, or IMEI, or something else)

If your MEP not like above i cant get unlock code for you.