Enable BlackBerry Browser without BIS/BES

What is Service Book?

Service Book (SB) is a record containing configurations of some BlackBerry (BB) services such as email, Browser and email’s attached file formats.

How to download Service Book into your BlackBerry phone?

There are 2 methods to download SB to your BB:

  1. First method, get it from BIS/BES. If you are using BIS/BES, you just need to call to your network admin and (s)he will send it to you.
  2. Second method: some BB services already had SB (as called “hard SB”) in your system such as email or Wifi. In this case, what you need is that you remove BB battery and insert it again. SB will install automatically into you phone.

The above information is from T-mobile. For Wifi SB, you only need to remove battery and inser it again. SB will install into your BB. For email SB, I tried to use this method but SB was not installed into the phone. Some cases, when you reinstall OS when the battery was removed from the tray, “hard SB” can be restored.

Update: The fastest way to backup/restore Service  Book on your BlackBerry (no need to remove Browser Module)

Enable Legacy SB Restore mode

Go to Options > Advanced Options > Service Book

hold ALT and press S B E B
(with 1/2 qwerty model hold ALT and press S S B E B)
(with touch screen model  hold  [!?123]  until it show lock icon and press  4  ?  2  ? -  mean ALT SBEB )
you will see the message Legacy SB Restore Enable.
After that you can free to backup/Restore Service Book on your BlackBerry.
Thank CảnhSát113@tinhte.com for this infomation.

How to Backup/Restore Service Book?

Open BDM (I am using BDM 4.6 but some older versions have the same functions)

Select Backup and Restore, you will see main options, as follows:

Select Advanced
In Advanced option, you can choose Database to Backup or Restore
Select Service Book

Open backup file (.ipd) containing SB to load into BlackBerry

Then select Service Book at the left colum


Before carrying out all above steps, you can see the status of your phone:

There is no BIS/BES service except gprs

After restoration of Service Book, you need to make sure Service Book is on your phone. You can check it in Options > Advanced Options > Service book. If not, follow all above steps again.

As you saw, I have 2 Service Books, one for Browser and one for Mail (I am using Funambol)

When your phone had Service Book for Browser, you need to check Service Book to make sure that it was assigned Browser in Options > Advanced Options > Browser

The picture shows that I saw Service Book was assigned Browser

You will see Browser icon displaying on the BlackBerry Desktop as well

If this icon displays, your process is successful

Next step is that you need tcp configurations in Options > Advanced Options > TCP

I am using Viettel service provider, you have to refer GPRS configurations of your service provider

Restart your phone and run Browser. Enjoy Google search!

Next, let’s try OTA download. As you saw, we don’t need BIS/BES for OTA download

Translated by: Tran Duc Chung<tranducchung@gmail.com>

check here for info about working devices


  • If you see the Browser icon, You have Service Book on your phone. But the Browser doen’t work.
    Go to Options > Advanced Options > Browser
    Click Track Wheel (or Track Ball) and Save (you dont have to change anything but just Save)
    Then back to Home and try Browser again. with some lucky it will work
  • If your BlackBerry have IT-Policy. Try to remove IT-Policy first and then Enable Browser
    Search Google “How to Remove BlackBerry IT-Policy”
  • Sometime, You can’t Enable the Browser. Just Reinstall BlackBerry OS (Upgrade or DownGrade) then Enable Browser it will Work for you.